Photographically Preserving Utah's Treasures Before Time Takes Them From Us
  Utah's rural communities have existed since Ancient Explorers and Anasazi began settling in Utah more than 5,000 years ago. The Ancients were followed by Spanish and European Explorers, with Spain owning most of the south-west at one time.  The Mormon settlers put Utah on the map with mining, farming and ranching.  Some of the farming and ranching areas have now becoming recreation centers.  Many of the town presented in this site were passed by as the Interstate Highway System was constructed.  Towns like Green River, Salina, Helper and Eureka no longer serve the travelers who can still see those towns in the distance as they drive across Utah on I-70 at 80 mph, or I-15 at 75.  Mines played out.  Minerals such as coal and uranium were replaced by other energy sources and the regularly traveled roads became byways.  Much history remains in these rural settlements which await those who explore Utah's back roads.  Many of the town, such as Helper, Price, Moab and Vernal have wonderful museums. Ray's Tavern in Green River has perhaps the best hamburgers in the West, and a cold beer on a 105-degree summer day is always welcome. 

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