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Bluff, Utah
  Forty-seven miles north-east of Monument Valley, on U.S.163 (Trail of the Ancients Scenic Highway),  lies the quite little town of Bluff, Utah, population of about 500.  The San Juan River flows to the south of Bluff which is nestled between beautiful sandstone bluffs to the north, south and south-east.  On the other side of the San Juan River lies Monument Valley and the Navajo Nation.  In the mid-1800's, Bluff was settled by Mormons sent south by Brigham Young.

  Along with Bluff having a rich history, Bluff offers world-class hospitality accommodations. Bluff, in Utah's four-corners region, is near Monument Valley, Hovenweep Anasazi Villages, and numerous historic sites dating back to 300 BC.   
Nahasdzaahn - Navajo for Mother Earth.  Welcome to Bluff
Desert Rose Inn & Cabins     435-241-6450
Willow Street Cottages          435-485-0318

June 2024 UPDATE 
​Photos of Desert Rose Inn & Cabins and Willow Street Cottages are found below.